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'Work at Home' Mini Workbooks for Advanced Code


A little practice every day


The ‘Work at Home’ series is a set of eight mini workbooks for use alongside the Phonics for SEN and other systematic, synthetic phonics and linguistic phonics programmes.


The series is designed for parents/carers to use with their child over the course of several days. Each provides opportunities to practice the skills of reading and spelling in a structured way that is easy and fun and with full instructions for parents/carers.


The books cover the following sounds (Books 3-6 of the phonics for SEN programme):


/oa/  /ee/  /ai/  /er/  /oo/  /u/  /ie/  /or/ 


There are five activities to do each day:
•    reading single words (aided by colour coding),
•    reading single words (no colour coding),
•    reading phrases,
•    spelling single words and
•    writing sentences.


Supported by visuals and pictures with home use in mind. Great for homework or home schooling.


Simply print out on A4 and fold, no staples required.

'Work at Home' Mini Workbooks for Advanced Code

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