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Training for Schools

A complete and flexible school-based training package is available, containing all the materials and information you need to be able to implement and deliver the programme effectively in your school.

After working through the materials provided and accessing support, as required, a lead teacher from the school facilitates delivery of the training, with support from the Phonics for SEN team.

The school retains access to all videos and training materials making this a sustainable training option for many years to come.

Package includes:​

  • Introduction delivered live online by Ann, with the opportunity to ask questions (pre-recorded introduction available if preferred),

  • 9 teaching units ready to deliver to staff - video presentation plus activities,

  • built in hands-on and on-screen activities,

  • built in time within the training to reflect on and discuss material presented,

  • support for the school's lead teacher to facilitate delivery of the training,

  • additional resources and materials to support delivery and implementation,

  • pupil assessment materials,

  • all supplementary teaching resources and materials.

Units of Study:

  1. Phonics - An Overview

  2. Teaching Pupils with Complex Needs - Practical Strategies

  3. Teaching Blending 

  4. Teaching Segmenting and Phoneme Manipulation

  5. Teaching the Alphabetic Code

  6. Listening to Pupils Read

  7. Assessment, Planning and Delivery

  8. Managing Multisyllable Words

  9. Fidelity - What not to teach and why

Training Package £1000  Equivalent fee for schools in Australia, New Zealand and USA

Note that schools are required to purchase the core programme books separately from the Routledge website or other bookstore.

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