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Rainbow Thinkers

Available to buy from the Discover Inclusion website

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The Rainbow Thinkers is a complete resource package designed specifically to enable pre- or nonverbal/non-speaking learners to access phonics instruction. Rainbow Thinkers includes phonics activities and access strategies (with supporting pre-made resources).

The Thinkers cover the basic alphabetic code, Sets 1-7:

Set 1 s a t p     Set 2 i m n d     Set 3 g o c k     Set 4 e u r     Set 5 h b f l     Set 6 j v w x     Set 7 y z

For each set there are:
•    3 different decodable books
              Read It! Choose It! – read and make a picture choice
              Reading Detective – read and check a picture
              The Sap Stories – the adventures of Sap the world-famous snake detective, includes                            Fact Files to support pupils’ background knowledge
•    Word/phrase - picture matching activity – reversible

Full instructions of how to enable access for these learners using key strategies are included.

Can be used alongside any phonics programme that follows the same sequence of sounds and letters at basic code.

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