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Rainbow Writers

Available to buy from the Discover Inclusion website

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When we think about teaching our pupils to write, we need to be aware that there are several layers to it, each needing focused work.

Pupils need to learn:

  • how to form the letter shapes (write individual letters), and at the same time understand the relationship between these and the speech sounds (phonemes),

  • how to spell and write single words using their phonic knowledge and skills,

  • how to put words together to create and write a meaningful sentence, in which words are in the right order,

  • how to put sentences together to create and write meaningful text such as a narrative, instructions or a letter.

Rainbow Writers is divided into 7 packs that match to Sets 1-7 of the Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs programme. The packs are compatible with many other phonics programmes that use the same Sets 1-7 teaching sequence of sounds.


Rainbow Writers work on all the layers of writing with pupils, matched to the phonics they are working on in class. Activities include:

  • Letter formation - letter formation practise cards

  • Matching lower and upper case letters - movable alphabet

  • Building words - single word spelling and writing

  • Spelling practise

  • Building sentences - colour coding related to syntax and semantics 

  • Writing a story - scaffolded story about Tat, the magic cat

  • Creating a book - from storyboard to book

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