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Assessment and Progress Tracking

Paper-based Assessment

A comprehensive paper-based assessment suite relating to the programme is available. These assessments are also available in an adapted format for those with complex needs.


The assessment suite covers:

  • Code Knowledge Phoneme > Grapheme

  • Code Knowledge Grapheme to Phoneme

  • Blending

  • Segmenting

  • Reading High Frequency Words

  • Spelling High Frequency Words​

Information can be transferred to the school's chosen system of recording and monitoring progress.

Taking a Test

Online Assessment and Tracking


For online assessment and tracking, the Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs programme is available as an option within B Squared and Phonics Tracker.

B Squared offers a range of products that track the small steps of progress that pupils with SEND make. Connecting Steps simplifies tracking, assessing and reporting progress. It works differently to other assessment software, focusing on continuous assessment to help pupils achieve their full potential.

Designed by teachers for teachers, Phonics Tracker simplifies the assessment of phonics by instantly recording performance on phonics tasks, tracks progress through the programme and tracks progress towards reading competence. Track year groups, track periodically and report on gender, SEN and disadvantaged pupils.


Specific Assessments:

  • Code knowledge – pupil says the phoneme in response to seeing the grapheme

  • Blending

  • Segmenting

  • High Frequency Words – reading single words

  • High Frequency Words - spelling single words


Also includes some online games (note that these do not relate to the Phonics for SEN teaching order).


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