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Partners and Collaborations

I love collaborating. I love creating new, exciting resources and I love sharing good practice. 

These are the lovely people I have collaborated with over the years on a variety of projects.

Partners and Collaborations

I love collaborating and working with others to create new phonics resources. Here are some of the wonderful phonics folks I have worked with over the years.

Discvover Inclusion 2.jpeg

Discover Inclusion specialises in creating diverse, accessible communication and learning resources for pupils with special educational needs.
Check out our Rainbow Suite: Speakers, Readers, Writers & Thinkers and purchase the Phonics for SEN Decodable Readers and Letter Sliders from Discover Inclusion.

Speaking out forum.jpg

I am happy to support Speaking Out Forum, a small charity whose vision is a society where young adults with disabilities and learning difficulties have an equal voice to speak and to be heard.

To achieve this, they provide a public speaking course which builds self-confidence and well-being. The course is led by trained facilitators and assisted by mentors. At the end of the course, they celebrate the achievement of each participant by giving them an opportunity to speak in public and by presenting them with a certificate and medal.

TRT Logo_edited.jpg

TRT provides structured linguistic phonics for secondary age students in school or out of school. They might be many years behind in reading or just need a boost. They might be dyslexic or they might have 'just missed it'. They might be angry or they might be co-operative. That Reading Thing is for every teen who struggles to read.
TRT and Phonics for SEN complement each other, together providing comprehensive phonics instruction for pupils all all special schools and specialist provisions.

Phonic Books Ltd_edited.jpg

Phonic Books specialises in publishing decodable books for beginner and catch-up readers.

Check out our Fantasy Phonics Game for older learners.

Tha Literacy Hill.jpg

The Literacy Hill provide unique engaging hand-painted linguistic phonics resources for mainstream initial instruction.
Based in Australia.

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