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Word Catchers 


Based on the cootie catcher / fortune teller / whirlybird, these remind me of my playground days many years ago and are a fun way to practice reading and spelling.


  • Print, cut out and fold up to make the Word Catcher.
  • FIrst the pupil chooses a picture then counts the sounds in the word to give first number which is the number of movements opening and closing the catcher.
  • Next the pupil chooses a number and makes that number of movements.
  • Then the pupil chooses a number again and opens out word catcher. If there’s a word underneath the number then the pupil has to read it. If there’s a picture underneath the number then the pupil has to spell it (by writing it down).


15 Word Catchers covering:
Basic Code: Sets 1-7
Word structure: VCC CVCC CCVC CCVCC
Introduction to Advanced Code /sh/ /th/ /ch/ and /k/

Word Catchers Reading and Spelling Activity

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