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Pupils with SEND need lots of opportunities to learn, practise and apply their developing knowledge of the alphabetic code and their developing skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation. This is often described as 'overlearning'.


Access to lots of decodable readers is, of course, part of this. I have a complete set of decodables available, matched to the scope and sequence of the programme.


For that breadth of experience though, pupils need access to more.


I have worked with Phonic Books Ltd and Sounds-Write to match their decodable reads to the Phonics for SEN sequence. Although our sequences are not quite the same, all three are linguistic phonics programmes that in the advanced / extended code focus on one sound at a time. It's easy to mesh their decodables into your Phonics for SEN instruction.


You can downlaod the information sheets here.

Using Phonic Books and Sounds-Write Decodables with Phonics for SEN

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