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Sunflower Books


The Sunflower Books are a set of seven decodable readers that match to Sets 1-7 of Book 1 of the Phonics for SEN programme.

Set 1:  s a t p

Set 2:  i n m d

Set 3:  g o c k

Set 4:  e u r

Set 5:  h b f l

Set 6:  j v w x

Set 7:  y z


The books are written especially for pupils who have a special, focused interest. These pupils may prefer to engage with materials related to that interest, to the exclusion of others.


All the Sunflower books are about a character called Pat. Pat can be anyone or anything that appeals to the child – a cat, a train, a Lego figure, a unicorn… anything. The grey space on each page is waiting for a picture of the child’s chosen idea of ‘Pat’. Source and print out pictures of ‘Pat’ for the child to place on the book as they read.



I recommend you use a high quality paper at least 100gsm weight.

Check your printer settings to ensure the pdf prints centrally.

I recommend you do a test run of the first two pages back-to-back in black and white.


Sunflower Books Set of 7 books

  • Copyright © Ann Sullivan Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs. All rights reserved.

    May be printed for use by purchasing individual or school. This pdf may not be shared to other individuals, schools or organisations.

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