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Sound Maps - Alphabetic Code Charts


A set of three A4 landscape posters that comprehensively map the sounds (phonemes) and the way they are represented by letters or groups of letters (graphemes or sound spellings).


There are two types of maps included in the set:

  • Maps 1 and 2 covers all the sounds showing all the ways each sound can be represented, i.e. showing the variation in the English alphabetic code.
  • Map 3 covers specific sound spellings showing all the sounds that each sound spelling can represent, i.e. showing the overlap in the English alphabetic code.



These are intended as reference materials for teachers, TAs and parents working with pupils.


Using these directly with pupils with SEND, even as a reference would be overwhelming and is not recommended.




Sound Maps Alphabetic Code Charts

  • Copyright © Ann Sullivan Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs. All rights reserved.

    May be printed for use by purchasing individual or school. This pdf may not be shared to other individuals, schools or organisations.

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