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Planning Proformas Revised 2022


The Phonics for SEN programme has expanded considerably since the publication of the core books. In the light of this, there are new planning proforma for each stage in the programme which supercede those in the books. Each includes the supplementary resources so that it is easy to choose from the range of resources available to you. There is also a quick guide to using them.


There are proformas for:

  • Book 1 Sets 1-7 
  • Book 2 VCC CVCC CCVC CCVCC words
  • Books 3-6 Focus Sounds
  • Book 7 Part 1 Multisyllable words
  • Book 7 Part 2 Suffixes


plus a new simple proforma

  • Planning delivery as part of a semi-formal curriculum.


Revised Planning Proformas for all stages of the Phonics for SEN Programme

  • Copyright © Ann Sullivan Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs. All rights reserved.

    May be printed for use by purchasing individual or school. This pdf may not be shared to other individuals, schools or organisations.

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