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This is not a conventional Word Wall; it’s a Phonic Word Wall!


It does contain all the high frequency words but there is an order to how the words are presented so that the words match to phonics instruction and the Word Wall display can be changed accordingly. The wall can be viewed as cumulative as the pupils work through their phonics programme.



The words are organized in groups on bricks. At basic code level the words are organized by sets (VC & CVC words) or complexity of word structure (VCC, CVCC, CCVC & CCVCC words), as appropriate. At advanced code level the words are organized by focus sound. The sounds /sh/ /th/ /ch/ /k/ qu /ng/ /f/ /l/ /s/ /oa/ /z/ /ee/ /ai/ /er/ /e/ /ou/ /oi/ /oo/ /u/ /ie/ /or/ /air/ /ar/ advanced aspects of /s/ /l/ /b/ /d/ /o/ /i/ /ue/ plus advanced consonants.


In addition to this organisation, the words are colour-coded to highlight individual graphemes related to specific focus sounds. This is achieved by spacing between graphemes and highlighting any graphemes with more than one letter.


Includes parallel pages to reflect regional variations in accent e.g. ‘b/a/th’ or ‘b/ar/th’ and ‘c/oo/k’ or’ c/u/k’.

Phonic Word Wall Classroom Display

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