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Movable alphabets are great for focusing your pupil’s attention on how words are put together and they are great for hands-on word building activities. They are also super-useful for pupils who have poor fine motor skills and find letter formation difficult, such as those pupils with physical disabilities or complex needs.


There are 2 movable alphabets for you to choose from so you can select the most appropriate to meet your pupil’s needs.


Movable Alphabet 1 is organised to reflect the teaching sequence of the Phonics for SEN programme and is arranged in four sections:

First section: Basic code (1:1 sound to letter correspondences),

Second section: Introduction to advanced code (e.g. sounds /sh/ and /th/ etc)

Third section: Advanced code (complex sounds that are represented in more than one way e.g. boat, note, go, snow, toe etc).

Fourth section: Focus Grid

The Focus Grid is simply a set of shaded but otherwise blank squares that is placed just after the introduction to the advanced code section. Once the pupils start working in advanced code, they have to deal with many sound spellings (graphemes). It would be rather bewildering for a pupil to have to trawl through all of them, so this handy section allows you to place just the sound spellings related to the sound you are currently focusing on for the pupil to choose from. In this way things are kept manageable.

You could use Velcro dots to secure the cards to stop them slipping around when you are building a word.


Movable Alphabet 2 has the sound spellings on separate colour coded grapheme cards with no base plates.


Note: when printing please make sure you accommodate any narrow margins.

Movable Alphabets for Word Build and Spelling

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