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Book 7 – Advanced Code Book 7 – Two syllable words – Revising the main sounds /oa/ /ee/ /ai/ /er/ /e/ /ou/ /oi/ /oo/ /u/ /ie/ /or/ /air/ /ar/ /o/ /i/ /ue/ /f/ /l/ /s/ /z/ /w/ /b/ /d/ /v/ /j/ /r/ /g/ /m/ /n/ /t/    pdf

The Level Up Spelling series enables the pupil to practise spelling high and medium frequency words matched to the phonics they are working on in class.


The activity progresses in clear and linear steps for each word:

  • the pupil reads the word, with support, if required
  • the pupil reads the word and notices the syllables and the sound spellings (graphemes) in the word and how they match to the sounds. The sound spellings are spread out to make each one clear to the reader and the sound spelling for the focus sound is  highlighted e.g. r e * s ear ch
  • the pupil writes over greyed sound spellings syllable by syllable, saying the corresponding sound at the same time as writing each sound spelling
  • the pupil writes the sound spellings syllable by syllable on little lines that correspond to each sound e.g.   re      search .
  • the pupil writes the word, syllable by syllable and sound by sound, on a big line, once again saying the corresponding sound at the same time as writing the sound spelling, e.g.   research .


The pupil has now read the word three times and written the word three times, making important connections between the sounds in the word and the letters or ‘sound spellings’ we write. In this way practice incorporates orthographic mapping. Next time the pupil wants to write that word they can use the syllables and sounds (which can be accessed from the spoken word) as a prompt to write the sound spellings in the right order and so spell the word.


This resource could be used in class, in small group work or sent home for parents to support their child.


The complete Level Up series in which words are phonically coded in books 1-6 and phonically coded and split into syllables for books 7 and 8:


Book 1 – Sets 1-7 sounds – VC and CVC words - One set per page   

Book 2 – VCC, CVCC, CCVC and CCVCC words containing set 1-7 sounds

Book 3 – Words containing the sounds /sh/ /th/ /ng/ /ch/ /k/ qu /f/ /l/ /s/
Book 4 – Words containing the sounds /oa/ /z/ /ee/ /ai/ /er/ /e/ /ou/
Book 5 – Words containing the sounds /oi/ /oo/ /u/ /ie/ /or/ /air/ /ar/
Book 6 – Words containing the sounds /s/ /l/ /b/ /d/ (advanced aspects) /o/ /i/ /ue/
Book 7 – Two syllable words – Revising the main sounds /oa/ /ee/ /ai/ /er/ /e/ /ou/ /oi/ /oo/ /u/ /ie/ /or/ /air/ /ar/ /o/ /i/ /ue/ /f/ /l/ /s/ /z/ /w/ /b/ /d/ /v/ /j/ /r/ /g/ /m/ /n/ /t/  
Book 8 – Curriculum Words - Upper KS2 and KS3

Level Up Spelling 7 Pupil Practice Book – Two syllable words

  • Copyright © Ann Sullivan Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs. All rights reserved.

    May be printed for use by purchasing individual or school. This pdf may not be shared to other individuals, schools or organisations.

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