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The Letter Formation Kit enables you to teach letter formation alongside phonics to pupils as part of literacy instruction. The materials and activities mesh specifically with the Phonics for Pupils with SEN programme teaching scope and sequence but could be used alongside any phonics programme.


This booklet contains over 330 pages of practise activities focusing solely on learning to form the letters, specifically:

· print style lowercase letters,

· individual letter formation at the basic code level (Book 1),

· a small number of sound spellings made up of two or three letters at advanced code level (Book 3),

· upper case letters (introduced at a point in the programme appropriate to your pupils).


The resources provide intensive practise in the context of direct and explicit instruction

by the teacher or teaching assistant. The resources are not intended to be given to pupils

as a whole or series of worksheets for them to work through independently.


The teacher or TA encourages the pupil to look at and reflect on the quality and accuracy of their individual letter formation and talk about how they might make improvements. The pupil is then guided and supported to implement changes and adjustments to their writing.


Letter Formation Kit Handwriting Instruction

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