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Reading Purpose and Choice of Texts for Beginning and Developing Readers


We all want our pupils to experience a range of reading opportunities but how do we choose the right book or text for them? What about sending books home? What about curriculum books? And how do we ensure that our pupils experience a rich oral and printed language environment?


I have collaborated with Debie Hepplewhite to make two infographics to help teachers consider:


• the purpose of reading,
• where the activity might take place,
• the level of adult involvement, and
• which books or texts are most appropriate.


The parent/carer’s version ‘Reading with Your Child – in school and at home’ complement’s the teacher’s infographic, useful when talking to them about reading and their child.


Many thanks to Lynne Moody for her input into the parent/carer’s version.



Infographics: Reading Purpose and Choice of Texts

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