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A suite of assessments which provide data that can be integrated into any school’s progress tracking system. The tests focus on assessment at advanced code level and words containing sounds relating to the Phonics for SEN Books 3-7 and other commercially produced phonics programme. Specifically, these are the sounds:


/sh/ /th/ /ng/ /ch/ /k/ <qu>/f/ /l/ /s/
/oa/ /z/ /ee/ /ai/ /er/ /e/ /ou/
/oi/ /oo/ /u/ /ie/ /or/ /air/ /ar/
/s/ /l/ /b/ /d/ /o/ /i/ /ue/ /w/ /v/ /j/ /r/ /g/ /m/ /n/ /t/

(including two syllable words)


The assessment materials are modified to enable access for pupils who are pre- or nonverbal and those who use eye-gaze.


Schools can monitor progress in terms of a pupil’s:


· blending

  • segmenting
  • knwledge of sound > letter (sound spelling) relationships
  • knwledge of letter (sound spelling) > sound relationships
  • reading high frequency wrds
  • spelling high frequency wrds


Each test has detailed instructions on the sheet as to how to carry it out and there is a summative sheet to collate results.


These are criterion-referenced tests that can be repeated at a later point in instruction to monitor and track progress.


Alternative Access Assessment Materials Advanced Code

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