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Intensive One Word per Page Spelling Practice booklets: Basic Code Sets 1-7 VC and CVC words


The pdf contains the complete Spelling Book series, made up of 7 mini booklets which provide pupils with opportunities to practise spelling 47 high and medium frequency words grouped in sets of sounds.


Within the booklets, each page:

* focuses intensively on one target word at a time and

* enables the pupil to practice spelling the word many times in variety of different ways to offer multiple opportunities to learn and practise writing the word,

* incorporates orthographic mapping to support pupils to develop automaticity when spelling.


Instructions are given on every page relating to specific activities.


This resource could be used in class, in small group work or set as homework for parents to support their child.

A Book of Spells - 7 booklets Sets 1-7 Intensive practice

  • Copyright © Ann Sullivan Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs. All rights reserved.

    May be printed for use by purchasing individual or school. This pdf may not be shared to other individuals, schools or organisations.

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