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Phonics for Pupils with SEN is a complete, systematic linguistic phonics programme published in a series of seven books. It offers an innovative and refreshingly simple approach to the teaching of phonics which pupils with special educational needs can easily access to find success. The programme strips phonics down into manageable core elements and provides a wealth of resources to support teachers in teaching reading and spelling. The programme takes a pupil through incremental steps in learning about all the sounds in the English language at the same time as teaching and developing the key skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation and developing an implicit understanding of ‘how words work’.

Written in the light of academic, peer-reviewed research into how children learn to read and spell, the programme has been tested and refined over many years in mainstream and special schools. The multisensory programme begins with the introduction of sounds and letters and works towards pupils reading and spelling words of increasingly complexity, up to those with three and four syllables.

Designed for pupils with special educational needs, it includes activities that support and develop phonemic skills in relation to sounds and visual perceptual skills in relation to letters and letter combinations. The activities and worksheets are simple in format with a linear presentation designed to limit distraction, with the additional benefit of being age-neutral.

Suitable for pupils with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and those who are struggling to acquire age appropriate literacy skills, it is also accessible for pupils with moderate and severe learning difficulties, autism, specific language impairment and complex needs.


The Books

The seven book series gradually builds on pupils' understanding of sounds and the letters that represent them providing scaffolded support for children to learn about every sound in the English language.

Offering tried and tested material which can be photocopied for each of use, these are an invaluable resource to simplify phonics teaching for teachers and provide fun new ways for all pupils to access phonics.

Thorough guidance is provided for teachers and teaching assistants on the best way to deliver each activity, as well as a lesson planner template, handy word lists and posters for teachers to use to support learning.

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Book 1: Building Basics

Introducing Sounds and Letters

Book 1 introduces the basic sounds and explores their relationship with letters. It focuses on sounds and letters where there is a simple correspondence between them for reading and spelling, and uses simple words that follow the pattern of vowel-consonant or consonant-vowel-consonant.

Sounds are grouped into seven sets, Set 1: /s/ /a/ /t/ /p/ Set 2: /i/ /m/ /n/ /d/ Set 3: /g/ /o/ /c/ /k/ Set 4: /e/ /u/ /r/ Set 5: /h/ /b/ /f/ /l/ Set 6: /j/ /v/ /w/ /x/ Set 7: /y/ /z/. For each set there are more than 50 engaging activities, including tongue twisters, sound spelling bingo, reading race and spelling challenges.

Book 1 also introduces the key skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation in easily accessible steps and for those that need it there are basic phonemic skills activities included.

Book 2: Building Words

Working on Word Structure with Basic Sounds

Book 2 reinforces pupils’ knowledge of the basic sounds explored in Book 1 and uses these to build words with a more complex structure. It focuses on words of three, four and five sounds, and words are grouped according to their pattern of vowels and consonants as follows: VCC, CVCC, CCVC, CCVCC. Each chapter contains more than 50 engaging activities, including: odd one out, sound boxes, busy words, oops! correct the spelling and writing challenge. An additional chapter on capital letters allows pupils to practice identifying and working with these letters.

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Books 3-6: Sound by Sound

Exploring the complex sounds

Books 3-6 focus on exploring the complex sounds and their relationship with letters and letter combinations (sound spellings).

Book 3 Sound by Sound Part 1 covers the sounds /sh/ /th/ /ng/ /ch/ /k/ /qu/ /f/ /l/ and /s/

Book 4 Sound by Sound Part 2 covers the sounds /o-e/ /z/ /ee/ /a-e/ /er/ /e/ /ow/

Book 5 Sound by Sound Part 3 covers /oy/ /oo/ /u/ /i-e/ /aw/ /air/ /ar/ 

Book 6 Sound by Sound Part 4 covers the sounds /s/ /l/ /b/ /d/ (advanced) /o/ /i/ /u-e/

Each contains over 40 engaging activities, including: reading race, bits missing, spot the spelling, word detective and writing challenge. 

Book 7: Multisyllable Magic

Revising the Main Sounds
Working on 2, 3 and 4 Syllable Words

Book 7 focuses on revising the main complex sounds from previous books but working on them in words made up of 2, 3 and 4 syllables.

It also explores words with key suffixes (-tion/ -sion/ -ture/ -sure/ -cious/ -cial).

Each chapter contains 10 engaging activities, including syllable jigsaw, sounds like a syllable, syllable trap and spelling challenge, plus handy highlighted word cards.

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Further Information about the Programme

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Phonics for SEN fulfils the DfE Phonics Core Criteria. Click on the left button for information about this.

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