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High Quality Accessible Phonics for pupils with moderate to severe and complex SEND of any age in any school or setting.

About the Phonics for SEN Programme

Phonics for SEN is a complete, systematic, synthetic, linguistic phonics programme published in seven books.

Phonics for SEN enables pupils with a range of special educational needs to find reading and spelling success and is suitable for those with specific learning difficulties, autism, moderate and severe learning difficulties, developmental language disorder, communication needs and complex needs, including pre- and nonverbal pupils and those with significant physical disability.


Working through the programme, the pupil:

  • learns about and understands the concepts that underpin how the written English language is constructed,

  • learns, practices and masters the skills they need to work with sounds and letters, and

  • develops the knowledge they need to learn, build up and retain to be able to read and spell well.

Phonics for SEN & Pathway to Phonics

The Phonics for SEN and Pathway to Phonics programmes provide literacy opportunities for all pupils.


About Ann Sullivan

Ann has over 30 years’ experience in mainstream and specialist education. Based in the UK, her career includes roles as a KS1 and KS2 class teacher, secondary specialist literacy teacher, school-based Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), an advisory teacher for pupils with special educational needs and a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE).

In 2018 her ‘Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs’ programme was published by Speechmark Routledge. In 2023 her book 'Access to Phonics' was published and a year later her programme for children with complex needs, 'Pathway to Phonics' was published. 'A Parent's Guide to Phonics' will be published by Dorling Kindersley in September 2024.

Ann is on the writing team for pdnet (a network for those supporting children with physical disabilities in schools). 

She is now a literacy consultant, trainer and writer. 

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