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Implementing Phonics for Pupils with SEN - a research based systematic synthetic linguistic phonics programme.

A complete and flexible training package is available, containing all the materials and information you need to be able to implement and deliver the programme effectively in your school.

  • 12 video presentations ready to deliver to staff,

  • built in hands-on and on-screen activities,

  • built in time to reflect on and discuss material presented,

  • additional training materials to support staff to deliver and implement the programme effectively,

  • pupil assessment materials and a progress tracker,

  • additional new teaching resources.

Video Content

  1. The Science of Reading

  2. The Alphabetic Code

  3. Blending for Reading

  4. Segmenting for Spelling

  5. Orthographic Mapping

  6. Listening to Pupils Read

  7. Assessment, Planning and Delivery

  8. Phoneme Manipulation

  9. High Frequency Words

  10. Multi-syllable Words

  11. What Not to Teach and Why

  12. Working with Pupils with Complex Needs

School-based training with optional certification available for individual participants on submission of a short assessment quiz.

Contact Ann for more information.