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The books are available individually or as a complete set of seven books from Routledge, Amazon, Waterstones, Blackwells and Wordery.


Additional Teaching Resources and Assessment Materials

A range of additional resources are available to download from the Phonics for SEN's TES Shop.

In the current Covid-19 crisis most of the additional teaching resources are now available FREE OF CHARGE from the TES Shop, to support parents with home learning.

Posters, Displays and Information

  • Word Wall (organised by Sound)

  • High Frequency Words - phonically coded

  • Sound by Sound Spelling Strategy Poster

  • Classroom Signs

  • Phonic Sounds Map

  • Sounds Posters

  • ABC Frieze

  • The Elements of Reading

  • Days, Months & Seasons

Teaching Activities and Games

  • Sound Collector Cards

  • Flippies

  • Word Detective (Orthographic Mapping)

  • Word Catchers

  • Letter Sliders

  • Word Chains

  • Movable Alphabets

  • Sentence Builder

  • Fantasy Phonics Game

Decodable Reading Books

  • Stepping Stone Books - reading single words and phrases

  • Bridge Books - reading primers working on vocabulary

  • My Story Stories - personalise stories for maximum engagement 

  • Tandem Books - adult and pupil take turns to read

  • Megacoded Stories - includes prime words

  • Flippin' Fun Book - a flap book

  • Home Books

Complex Needs

  • Working with Pupils with Complex Needs - A Companion Booklet to the Programme

  • Having a Voice - Communication Symbols

  • Lesson Symbols - for pupils with autism

Spelling Practise

  • Spelling Books Series Sets 1-7 - intensive practise

  • Book of Spells 1 Sets 1-7

  • Book of Spells 2 VCC CVCC CCVC CCVCC words

  • Book of Spells 3 - Book 3 Sounds

  • Book of Spells 4 - Book 4 Sounds

  • Book of Spells 5 - Book 5 Sounds

  • Book of Spells 6 - Book 6 Sounds

  • Book of Spells 7 - 2 Syllable Words by Sound

  • Book of Spells 8 -Upper KS2 & KS3 Curriculum Words 

Assessment Materials

  • Assessment Suite: Blending, Segmenting, Code Knowledge, Reading and Spelling High Frequency Words

  • Progress Tracker

  • Assessment Suite adapted for access for nonverbal pupils: Blending, Segmenting, Code Knowledge, Reading and Spelling High Frequency Words


Phonics Discs                    by Lothian Woodworks

Wooden Movable Alphabet Discs and Tiles

Lothian Woodworks now have two sets amazing wooden Phonics Discs available designed in collaboration with Phonics for SEN.

Great for individual and small group work in primary classes, intervention sessions with older pupils or for play based indoor or outdoor learning in the early years. Use as a movable ‘alphabet’ for building words to practice reading, spelling and phoneme manipulation activities.

  • Suitable for use with any phonics programme.

  • Wide scope – from beginning instruction > advanced phonics. Extensive coverage of the alphabetic code.

  • Choice of fonts available to suit your preference: Comic Sans or Sassoon Infant.

  • Support Materials included - the Phonics for Pupils with SEN Sound Maps show how the sounds (phonemes) are represented by the letters and letter combinations (graphemes) within the English alphabetic code.

Set 1

70 birch-ply wooden discs etched with the following graphemes:

Basic Code - Simple GPCs

s         a         t         p         i          n         m        d

g         o         c         k         e         u         r                                 

h         b         f         l          j          v         w        x         y         z                                                                    


Introduction to Advanced Code - Advanced consonant sound GPCs

sh        th        ch       tch   ck

qu       ng       ff        ll       ss     zz    wh                                                        

Advanced Code – Advanced vowel sound GPCs

Grapheme                       Sound

oa                                     /oe/    

oe                                     /oe/

ow                                    /oe/ & /ow/

ou                                     /ow/  /oo/ & /u/

ee                                     /ee/

ea                                     /ee/  /ai/ &  /e/

ay                                     /ai/

ai                                      /ai/ & /e/

er                                      /er/

ir                                       /er/

ur                                      /er/

re                                      /er/

oy                                     /oy/

oi                                      /oy/

oo                                     /oo/ & /u/

ough                                 /oe/  /ow/  /oo/  &  /aw/

ui                                      /oo/

ew                                    /oo/ & /u-e/

oul                                    /u/

igh                                    /i-e/

ie                                      /i-e/ & /ee/

ue                                     /oo/ & /u-e/

or                                     /aw/ & /er/

aw                                    /aw/

ore                                   /aw/

our                                   /aw & /er/

augh                                /aw/

al                                      /aw/

au                                     /aw/ & /o/

air                                     /air/

ere                                    /er/ & /air/

ear                                    /er/ /air/ & /ar/

ar                                      /ar/ & /er/

Set 2 Extension Set

48 birch-ply wooden discs and tiles etched with the following graphemes:

Advanced Code – Advanced vowel sound GPCs

‘Split sound spelling’ (split vowel digraph) tiles with a space in the middle to place a disc to build a word:

a    e                        e    e                                  i     e

o    e                        u     e

Advanced Code – Advanced consonant sound GPCs

bb       dd       pp       rr        gg       mm      nn       tt        ze        ge         

wr       ve       le        se        ce        ed       st        le        ph       kn

dge      bu       el        rh        ve       gu       gh       mn      gn       il

Duplicates for a greater range of word building

a         e         i          o         u

b         d         g         m        n         p         s         t

Plus blanks for you to personalise your own discs e.g. for building names.

Prices and Ordering

Each set is £20 which includes UK postage. Shipping overseas is available at an additional cost that reflects the additional postage and taxes.                

To order, contact Moray at Lothian Woodworks via:

Facebook - Lothian Woodworks @LothianWoodworks

Instagram moray_lothian_woodworks

Please state whether you prefer Comic Sans or Sassoon Infant font on the buttons.

The Story behind the Phonics Discs Sets

I started following Lothian Woodworks on Instagram because I saw a link to their beautiful ‘leaf identification’ resources. When they added a new product – ABC  tiles – it got me thinking. I am not shy at randomly approaching people and saying, “Hey, have you thought about doing this…?” Which is exactly what I did! So, we collaborated on producing the sets – I did the phonics and Moray did the design and manufacture.

I am receiving no financial gain from this product. I had great fun developing the sets with Moray and am happy to be helping a small family business in these difficult and unprecedented times. I hope these will be a useful addition to your phonics resources.