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This activity works on simple plurals. 


Most nouns have a singular form for one person or thing and a different plural form for more than one person or thing.


There are lots of ways to pluralise words but this activity deals with the three main ways that occur in the majority of words:

  • add the sound /s/ and the grapheme (sound spelling) <s>
  • add the sound /z/ and the grapheme (sound spelling) <s>
  • add the sounds /e/ /s/ and the graphemes (sound spellings) <e> <s> the /e/ sound is often a schwa sound


Initially it explores the concept of ‘more than one’ and how we change the words we use when we talk about more than one of something. The activity makes use of a simple paper folding strategy and has a cloze exercise to consolidate learning.


It is important to approach this from the point of view of phonics, asking the child what they hear at the end of the words and then matching a sound spelling or sound spellings, rather than suggesting there are any rules.

Working on Plurals

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